Our Crew

150x120_head_shot_feb_20112-3c70ba8bb4From as far back as I can recall I have been crazy about flying. I started flying radio control aircraft at the age of 10. However, my latent aviation passion did not become more concrete until 2004 when I completed my PPL and started flying for the law firm in which I was a partner. As part of my legal studies I completed a Master of Laws selecting International Aviation Law as a focus. In 2009 I decided to study for and obtain my Commercial Pilot’s Licence and completed the FAA Instrument Commercial Licence as well as my Namibian Instrument and Commercial Licences. I began to free-lance for local operators and obtained my multi-engine, turbine endorsements.

Since having contracted a severe case of aviation influenza, I bought into Scenic Air in late 2010, quit formal legal practice, and now function as Scenic Air’s Managing Director and line pilot rated on all types Scenic Air operates.  I joined the Namibian Chapter of AOPA as executive board member. I am passionate about anything and everything aviation related with a special interest in Crew Resource Management.  In my free time I fly my RV8 aerobatic aircraft and regularly take part in pylon races and air races.  I also served as Airboss for Namibia’s International Airshow.

I’m an unpretentious, sophisticated individual who is results driven and motivated to succeed. I’m a Namibian who appreciates this country for its extraordinary natural beauty. I love being in nature, it takes me back to my roots. I also love my work and derive great satisfaction from helping others.

With over 13 years of experience in the aviation industry, along with strong customer liaison and administration skills I am confident in my abilities to provide Scenic Air’s passengers with a professional service. As Scenic Air’s General Manager I look forward to ensure that your flights with Scenic Air are enjoyable and most memorable.

I was born and raised in Swakopmund and the love of the Namibian bushveld and the breath-taking beauty of its landscapes have been with me since my childhood days.  I am very fond of being outdoors and just appreciating the silence that our country’s vast open spaces have to offer.

After school, I studied Tourism Management for 3 years in Stellenbosch , after which I continued my studies with another 2-year Hospitality & Catering Course, during which I gained quite a bit of experience.  I started working on a Lodge in the North of Namibia as Food & Beverage Manager & Assistant Lodge Manager.  I loved it – being outdoors, in nature – perfect!  I moved to Windhoek in 2012 and shorty after started my career in the Events Industry which I truly enjoyed.  Yet, I wanted a new and exciting challenge and the aviation industry has given me just that.  Being in the industry now for nearly 3 years, I realized that each day brings something new and interesting.  I have worked in the Charter Co-Ordination Department to improve my knowledge and am now the Quality Assurance Manager for Scenic Air.

I enjoy my present position as it gives me a very good insight into the safety and security of our passengers and staff and I feel that with our customers feeling safe and secure, they really can enjoy all that Namibia has to offer. Working with people has always given me great pleasure and making sure that Scenic Air always delivers to the best of everyone’s ability, gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I started flying in 2008.  After I completed my Commercial Pilot’s License I became an Instructor at a Flight School at Rand Airport in Johannesburg.  I joined Scenic Air in 2016 and enjoy every minute.  I hope to see you on one of our aircraft soon.

I just started my new adventure in aviation. Growing up I spent a lot of time flying with my dad. He used to fly the sky divers in his own aircraft. My uncle and step-dad also owned aircraft and looking back now, I always had aviation in my blood. I worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years, from being a waitress to managing.  Working as a team, interacting with guests and making sure everything runs smoothly were just some of the aspects I really enjoyed.  I am diplomatic in resolving internal and customer issues and passionate about work.

I am a firm believer of teamwork; each person in your business makes it successful, from the owners to the cleaners, so treat all with the same respect. My motto in life: lead by example.

I like new challenges,  brain storming and I thrive on being busy.  I am energetic, outgoing, love nature and my biggest passion are horses and show jumping.  I like flying high (whether on a horse or in an aircraft), the sky is the limit.

I was born in Namibia and raised in a beautiful small coastal town called Swakopmund.  I love adventure and I am passionate about the Tourism Industry.  I was fortunate enough to join the Aviation Industry in 2015 when I worked at the Swakopmund Airport.  I soon realized my interest and quickly grew fond of the aviation world.

I am now privileged enough to be part of an amazing Scenic Air team.  Be sure that a great adventure awaits.

With nearly 10 years in the motor industry, with all its pleasures and pain – I felt that I was ready to move on and explore our beautiful country and my curiosity in the air.

I joined the Scenic Air team, not sure what to expect, but from the start it was all I had hoped for and so much more. The vibrant atmosphere and challenging endeavors keep me motivated to contribute positively, and continuously inspires me to do my best for both client and company.  My passion for excellence and service delivery has inspired me to become part of this dynamic team to create the ultimate journey for everyone involved.

I am here to make a positive contribution.  See you up there!

As a real petrol head, I immediately stepped into the motor industry after I matriculated. In the back of my mind I always had a passion for Tourism. My parents showed me the sheer natural beauty of Namibia and how to love and respect our country’s fauna and flora. I soon realized that this is the dream I wanted to pursue. Namibia, a country of sculpted sand dunes, wildlife and a sense of wilderness, my passion all in one. It is a privilege to work for Scenic Air. I now have an opportunity to show the world Namibia through a bird’s eye.

I grew up around aircraft as my father is also a pilot, so I naturally fell in love with aviation. I first started my training when I was 15 and I was a licensed pilot before I could drive.

After finishing my flight training I first worked in anti-poaching in northern Namibia, providing aerial support to ground agents. I then began flying for Scenic Air.

I am extremely happy and proud to be a part of this amazing team. I look forward to having you on board and showing you this amazing country.

I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, to a very sports orientated family. As a young boy, I started riding horses and developed a passion for the sport. After completing my education I progressed my riding career as a young professional working as a “work” rider for two of the top equestrian stable yards in Johannesburg. However, my greatest passion was to become a pilot, the bug bit so to speak after I attended my first air show at the age of 13.

I started my flight training in 2015  and completed my Commercial Pilots Licence in 2018. During my training, I completed two cross-country flights from Johannesberg to Swakopmund and fell in love with Namibia, flying across this beautiful country is really amazing, fantastic landscapes and spectacular views that you can only find here in Namibia.

I joined Scenic Air in April 2018 and I look forward to showing you the Namibia that I love from a birds eye view.

My Aviation Adventure started in 1994 when I joined the Comav Team as a Trainee Charter Coordinator.  In 2002 I joined the Scenic Air Team as Charter Coordinator.  During 2010 I had the amazing opportunity to buy shares in Scenic Air. This has now become my life journey.

I grew up on a farm in the Karoo, South Africa.  My love affair with aviation started the first time I saw an aeroplane as a small boy.  Our farm is located next to a small runway where crop-dusters came to land once every 3 months or so.  It was a long run through the field to get to the runway, but I made sure that I never missed a landing or take-off.  I am the first in our family to become a qualified pilot and I firmly believe that a pilot is born and not made – doesn’t matter where you come from!

I got my wings from 43 Air School in South Africa and the hunt for the first pilot job lead me to Namibia.  I absolutely fell in love with this country, the people and the amazing beauty of what it has to offer!  My career has taken me to most parts of Africa and has afforded me many exciting opportunities in aviation. I also spent 6 months flying in South Sudan for the WFP (World Food Program).  Since I started my career in 2002 in Swakopmund, I have been a charter pilot, schedule pilot, cargo pilot, medivac pilot and a safari pilot.  I am also a qualified Quality Assurance Manager and recently completed a Diploma in Basic Business Finance through UNISA.

Been born and having grown up in Windhoek, I have had the opportunity to travel around Namibia extensively. I have visited some of the special places and have seen some spectacular views this country has to offer. With this knowledge I feel in touch with the touristic side of the industry and by working in aviation, I am able to contribute to their Namibian Experience.

For the past eleven years I have been working in various sectors of the aviation industry. Organizing schedule flights, dispatching mercy flights, operating with contracts in foreign countries and planning charters are all part of my experience. Attending to client needs by coordinating relevant information makes my job quite interesting. We cater for client’s needs which range from single turbine or single engine aircraft and any other special requests they might have. All of these fall into my area of expertise and I look forward to assisting you with your visit to this beautiful country.

Working in the aviation industry sometimes involves long hours, difficult situations and challenging experiences, but everyday has something new and entertaining to offer. The trick is to find that ‘something’ sometimes. Working with the crew and staff here at Scenic Air always brings out that something special each day.

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa and fell in love with aviation ever since I was a small boy.  My father introduced me to flying when he obtained his Pilot’s License and took me along on flights and to Airshows. I received my Commercial Pilot’s License in 2013.  I was flying as a Survey Pilot in South Africa for 2 years before I joined Scenic Air in 2016.

I am truly looking forward to being your Pilot and exploring the beautiful Namibia with you from the air.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  Albert Einsten

I was born and raised in a small but beautiful northern town in Namibia called Tsumeb.  After school I decided to spread my wings in seek of new adventures and moved to Swakopmund.  I fell in love with the beautiful scenes of aircraft passing by the jetty at sunset.  I started my aviation career at a small company where I was fortunate enough to complete a few courses and meet some amazing people     along the way.  I was privileged enough to join the Scenic Air team in 2016.  I am now proud to say that I am part of this great team and that we are ready to assist you with your every need in aviation.

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa.  I grew up near an air force base in the Southern suburbs of Pretoria – and that’s where my love for aviation and fixed wing aircraft started.  I’ve started my flying career at the age of 18 and I wouldn’t change my job for anything else in the world.  We would like to show you the beauty of Namibia, from a birds’ eye view.

At the age of 4 is where my love for aviation began.  Listening to my Grandfather’s flying stories, building model aeroplanes and attending Airshows with my dad.

At the age of 12 I had the experience of flying a fixed wing Microlight and I just knew that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

The interest of bush flying has always been in my heart and so, moving to Namibia in 2017 was a dream come true.  I know this country like the back of my hand and every inch in Namibia is something new and exciting.  Meeting new people and sharing in their excitement as we travel to all the wonderful destinations this country has to offer, brings me great joy.

Come fly with us and make everlasting memories!  You will fall in love with this country just as I have.

Your Adventure Awaits!

Ever since I can remember I have been surrounded by something related to aviation.  Whether it was an airport or an aircraft.

I started flying for Scenic Air in 2017 and enjoy every minute of it.  It’s a combination of flying and meeting new people daily which is life fulfilling to me.

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.  From as far back as I can recall, I have always had a passion for aviation.  My flying career started in 2012 where I achieved my PPL and I completed my FAA CPL in 2018.

Along the way I have been involved with a Formation Aerobatic Team, having worked at an Aircraft Manufacturing company in Cape Town, as well as the opportunity to fly various types of aircraft along the way.

My passion for aviation and adventure became a reality when I joined Scenic Air, flying around the vast, beautiful landscapes of Namibia.  I look forward to welcoming you on board with me, sharing the gift of flight as well as exploring the beautiful country of Namibia with you.

I was born and raised in a small town called Unna in Germany.

After successfully completing my Vocational training as a Service Clerk in Air Traffic Control, I started working as Cabin Crew to get the necessary resources to fund my Pilot’s Licence.  Not only did I gain experience in administration and ground processes, but also the implementation of flight operations.

I joined Scenic Air in 2018 and I really appreciate the opportunity to combine the two best jobs in the world.

I am looking forward to showing you the beauty of Namibia from the air.

My aviation passion started at the age of 4.  Sitting on the grass watching my father fly his remote control planes and my eyes just lit up.  Since then I have always had aviation running through my veins.  Several years after that I started getting into the building and flying aspect of remote control planes and I absolutely loved it.  My dad decided that for my 16th birthday, I would get an intro flight.  Little did he know that at that point my flying career had begun and I would stop at nothing to achieving my dream.  I hope to give my customers a journey in which they can enrich themselves in the Namibian culture and enjoy the scenery that Namibia has to offer.

I was born in Windhoek, Namibia.  I grew up in this wonderful country.  I started my flying career in South Africa and came back to Namibia.  I am very excited to be part of the Scenic Air family.  I am looking forward to flying you and showing you the most beautiful country I know from above.

I was born and raised in this breathtaking country called Namibia.  I always had a passion for flying and always loved being up in the sky, no matter in what way it was.  I started my aviation career in South Africa in 2014 and after that I couldn’t resist coming back to Namibia.  It is amazing how much you can see from a birds eye view and I am extremely privileged to be a part of this amazing team.